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  23.01.2020 в районе Новой Швабии

Nazi The base-211 – UFO Factory

At the end of 1946, Admiral Richard E. Byrd, an experienced polar explorer, has received the job – to lead a research expedition to Antarctica, which is the code name «High jump».

The purpose of American expedition was to study the ice of the continent that is the title of Queen Maud Land, or New Swabia. It is equipped, however, was strange for a peaceful expedition. By the shores of the ice continent went: aircraft carrier, 13korabley of various types, 25 aircraft and helicopters. In the expedition consisted of only 25 fellows, but there were 4100 Marines, soldiers and officers! Soon American newspapers have informed that the aim of this expedition was to find the secret «Base-211», belonging to the Nazis.

Creating a database on the ice continent, leaders of the Third Reich began in 1938. First, to the shores of Antarctica was sent to a research ship. Located on the hydroplane photographed nearly a quarter of the continent and dropped to the ice metallic with swastika pennants. Germany declared itself the owner of a huge territory, known as New Swabia.

Then, to the shores of Antarctica hidden submarine went to sea dog Admiral Karl Denitsa. After the Second World War were discovered documents indicate that investigators found in New Swabia system interconnected caves with warm air. Reporting on the results of the expedition, Denitsa said: «My submariners found a real paradise on Earth». And in 1943, from his mouth sounded another strange to many words: «The German submarine fleet is proud to be at the other end of the world created for the Fuhrer’s impregnable fortress».

To the underground city in Antarctica can quietly exist during the Second World War, German military fleet has made unprecedented precautions. Any vessel which has appeared in the area of ocean bordering Queen Maud Land, immediately put on the bottom.

The German grasping at the Antarctic

Since 1939, began the systematic exploration of New Swabia, and the construction of a secret Nazi base under the code name «Base-211». Every three months in the Antarctic research vessel flying Schwabenland. For several years in Antarctica gornoprohodcheskoe transported equipment and other machinery, including rail roads, cars and huge cutters for drilling tunnels.

For supplies «Base-211» was used 35 of the largest submarines, from which removed the arms and adapted to deliver the goods. On top of that, according to the American Uindela Colonel Stevens, who worked at the end of the war in the intelligence, the Germans built a huge cargo of eight submarines. They have all been launched and are used only for delivery of goods on to the «Base-211».

By the end of the war, the Germans had nine research enterprise, which had projects «flying discs». According to Colonel Vitaly Shelepova, gathered a great story about the history of Germans in Antarctica, during the Second World War, at least one such company moved to Antarctica, and here was organized by the production of aircraft. With the help of submarines in the southern continent is transferred to the labor force, thousands of prisoners of concentration camps, prominent scientists with families, as well as members of Hitler – the gene pool of the future «clean» race.

isolated from the world’s underground city Nazi scientists conducted studies on the creation of Superman, which was to dominate the world, and improve the weapons, which would conquer the Earth. This weapon was diskolety. Some foreign newspapers in the late twentieth century, there were articles stating that the German researchers found in Tibet repository of ancient knowledge. Obtained data were used to design and build at the end of the Second World War, a new aircraft in the form of huge diskoletov capable of speeds up to 700 kilometers an hour and fall around the globe.

Now back to the expeditions of Admiral Byrd. During the first month of the American made about 49 thousand photos of ice in the region of the continent’s Queen Maud Land. The question of his detailed study of ground troops. And then something inexplicable happened. March 3, 1947 has just begun an urgent investigation was curtailed, and the ships in haste have a course home.

A year later, in May 1948, on the European The journal «Brizant» a sensational article. It turns out that the work of the expedition broke up because of the «cruel enemy resistance». During the clashes were lost, one boat, four warplanes, killed dozens of people. Nine other aircraft had to leave as unusable. The article was published recollections of crew members of combat aircraft. The pilots were told of the incredible things: the vynyrnuvshih from under the water and attacked them «flying disks», on the strange atmospheric phenomena that cause mental disorders …

printed a note about a clash of American planes with unknown «flying discs »was so incredible that most readers found it a regular newspaper duck. It took another few decades, and the ice continent, began to receive reports that the disc UFO appeared here several times more than in other areas.

The most famous case occurred in 1976. Japanese researchers at the same time zasekli on the radar gun 19 round objects, which from space «down» in Antarctica, and immediately disappeared from the screens.

In 2001, a solid American magazine Weekly World News reported that the Norwegian Scientists discovered in the depths of the Antarctic mainland, at a distance of about 160 kilometers from the mountains of Mount Makklintok, mysterious tower! The height of the construction of about 28 meters. Build a tower of the hundreds of ice blocks and recalls, according to scientists, guard towers of medieval castle. Given the predilection of Nazis to medieval symbolism, unwittingly begs the idea that built its esesovtsy claiming to be continuers case of German knights’ orders.

Not so long ago, the hypothesis that the secret« Base-211 »has continued to operate, got another confirmation. In one ufologicheskih newspaper an article by Olga Boyarina of a strange incident happened in Antarctica in March 2004. Canadian pilots discovered the remains of the ice on the aircraft and then photographed them. The pictures were visible to a wide crater in the center of which was damaged diskolet. For a detailed study of the area of his fall was sent to a special expedition, but she did not find any diskoleta or its wreckage.

And now the fun part. Two weeks to the Editor Toronto Tribune, which published a photo of an aircraft, came 85-year-old Lance Bailey. He told journalists that he was Russian, and his real name is Leonid White. During the war he was a prisoner of concentration camps, prisoners who worked in secret military aviation in the town of Penemyunde.

I am in shock – said Lance Bailey, as amended. – After all the photo in the newspaper shows a one to one machine, which I saw with his own eyes 60 years ago … In September 1943, at the concrete pad next to one of four hangars vykatili working round object with a transparent box in the center. It was similar to the inverted basin on a small inflatable wheels. This «blin» issued a sibilant sound, away from the concrete platform and hovered at an altitude of several meters.

If the message in the Canadian newspaper was not a regular «duck», it turns out that, in Antarctica, all the same there was a German secret «Base-211», and it did diskolety. And the fact of the accident one of these aircraft and the clarity with which it was literally the evacuation of Canadians from under the nose, indicates that the secret underground base and continues to operate successfully.

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